Wednesday, 14 April 2021 13:56
Modified: Thursday, 29 April 2021 11:22


We have updated - DJ-Notifications - a free Joomla! plugin for system notifications with two new themes + adaptive mode that will automatically adjust the theme to the OS/Browser's mode (Dark/Light).

The latest version introduces two new themes (in addition to the "flat" - colorful theme) to meet the modern standards of Operating Systems and Browsers.

Download the latest version of DJ-Notifications

You can use all the settings related to how the notifications are displayed for each theme. When setting the plugin up, you can decide on the notifications' position, if the progress bar will be displayed, hide or show the headings, icons, and close button.

1. "Light" theme [NEW]

DJ-Notifications Light theme - Free Joomla notification plugin

2. "Dark" theme [NEW]

DJ-Notifications dark theme - free Joomla notification plugin

3. "Flat" theme

You can still use the "Flat" theme, which provides colorful notifications: 

DJ-Notifications flat theme - free Joomla plugin for system notificationsAdaptive mode

Additionally, there's also a new mode you can select from the theme selector - "Adaptive".

When you choose this theme, the system will automatically switch the themes based on the system or browser theme.

When the 'Adaptive' theme is selected, DJ-Notifications will fit the user's theme, providing the design of the notifications that will nicely fit the browser/system's current mode state. When the system mode is Light, the "Light" theme is applied, and when it's dark, the DJ-Notifications theme will automatically switch to the "Dark" theme.

Check how it works on macOS example, when the Appearance changes from Light to Dark, so are the notifications.DJ-Notifications - adaptive theme - free Joomla! plugin for system notifications

Theme selector

The theme selector is now the first select list that you will find in the plugin's settings.

DJ-Notifications theme selector

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