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12 October, 2022
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DJ-VMPageBreak free plugin is now compatible with Joomla 4

12 October, 2022

We have just updated the VMPageBreak plugin to version 2.0, which brings the Joomla 4 compatibility. It's a free Joomla extension, adding page break functionality to the Virtuemart component.

The new version is available to download in the download section.

DJ-VMPageBreak plugin

DJ-VMPageBreak free extension for Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 is the answer for questions about the lack of functionality of standard PageBreak Joomla plugin in Virtuemart 4 and 3.

It brings the functionality of the standard PageBreak Joomla plugin.

  1. You need to download both packages from the download section. 
  2. Install the content-djvmpagebreak-2.0.zip and editors-xtd_djvmpagebreak-2.0.zip installers using Joomla Extension Manager
  3. Enable both plugins in Plugins Manager
  4. Remember to enable Joomla Plugin support in Virtuemart configuration.

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