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JM ZoneStore ecommerce Joomla template
26 November 2021
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JM ZoneStore ecommerce Joomla template

26 November, 2021

JM ZoneStore is the latest release from Joomla-Monster. It's a responsive eCommerce website template purposed for all who want to launch an online store.

This effective eCommerce template offers a responsive store experience across the full range of devices. The template’s engine is based on the DJ-Catalog2 component and inspired by Amazon marketing tricks, makes selling your products online easier than ever. DJ-Catalog2 follows the latest law requirements and includes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance!

It’s an all-in-one modern, elegant Joomla template that will help you promote your products and the whole brand.  

ZoneStore layout is very intuitive and can be easily customized - developed on a powerful EF4 Framework (includes theme customizer and layout builder).

What features does the ecommerce component bring?

DJ-Catalog2 Joomla ecommerce component implemented here, is a complex solution for running a modern online store. It comes with a high number of useful features. Each of them is purposed to maximize sales and get customer eyers on your products:  

  • Shopping cart
  • Tiered pricing
  • 3rd party Payment and Delivery plugins
  • Product comparison table
  • Support for VAT rates & rules
  • Useful Modules
  • Frontend management
  • Flexible output
  • SEO Settings
  • Extra Fields and Filters

If you don't want to run a store, you can use it as a resourceful product catalog as well.

DJ-Catalog2 offers a commercial application, Ajax Filters App. Buy it to extend the component's possibilites.

This App provides the fastest way to filter the results, without the need of reloading the browser!

Besides DJ-Catalog2 the JM Zone Store uses other premium Joomla extensions, listed below:

  • DJ-MediaTools - useful tool for displaying eye-catching slides and galleries.

  • DJ-MegaMenu - complex and advanced menu system.
  • DJ-Reviews -  ratings and comments component allowing to define own criteria and assign them to various content types.

All the commercial extensions have been included here for free. You do not have to pay any extra money!

There are two demo versions available. Check them and discover the huge possibilities! You can also see the description of front page elements.

JM ZoneStore ecommerce website like Amazon you can buy for $199 

Build Your successful ecommerce website today!