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15 March, 2024
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Various examples of Joomla Content Filtering Plugin usage

15 March, 2024

DJ-ContentFilters, a search plugin for Joomla and YOOtheme Pro, is a powerful tool for filtering content on your website.

We recently announced its release for Joomla 5, and in this post, we'll highlight a few examples of sites where the plugin has been utilized. While most examples are from our customers' sites, we'll also showcase an example from our demo to ensure everyone can see its potential.

Examples of plugin usage

Below you'll find a selection of our own and user-submitted examples.

Hundeschule Circle of Life

A website dedicated to dog training. The author has created a very sophisticated search system where users of the site can search using topic, tags, age of dog, category or area.

Community Center "Włochy"

Search for selected activities of different types. You can enter the name of the activity, but also filter by the name of the establishment, type of activity, age group, day of the week or start time. It is a simple, clear and functional search filter.

Kymenlaakso Summer University

Kymenlaakso summer university offers open university studies in about 30 different subjects. The offer of continuing professional education is versatile and is based on the current competence needs of working life. They also organize various courses related to well-being and hobbies, university activities for children and young people, and lectures at the University of Aging.

DJ-ContentFilters are used to search for courses. With a useful extension, Joomla custom fields can be conveniently included in the search.

Balex Metal

A fairly simple search engine was created for the building materials manufacturer's website, which allows specific products to be searched for, based on their colour scheme, category or selection of a particular product from a list.


DJ-ContentFilters has been used here to make the event archive of a club searchable: https://taptab.ch/archiv . Thanks to the optional limitation to a start and end date, past events can also be found if you no longer know the exact title of the event. The site- und page-template is built with YOOtheme, which is why the clean integration of DJ-ContentFilters into YOOtheme was essential. Smart-Web.

Demo site

This example comes from the official plugin's demo site. We've implemented the advanced search options for cars category. Visitors can filter results using text field, but also select list and various custom fields.

What is DJ-ContentFilters plugin?

It's a beneficial tool, combined with YOOtheme PRO, lets you easily create professional search filters.

This easy-to-use plugin allows you to choose the fields you need for your search, set the order in which they should be displayed, and mix it with good-looking styles.

It has been already introduced on our blog: Meet the DJ-ContentFilters Joomla plugin for YOOtheme Pro

DJ-ContentFilters is a Joomla plugin working with YOOTheme Pro, but we also have WordPress plugins integrated with YOOTheme