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15 May, 2024
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[UPDATE] DJ-ContentFilters plugin with the improved Falang fields translate support and few bug fixes

15 May, 2024

We have prepared another update for the DJ-ContentFilters Joomla 5 plugin. It is not a big release, as it introduces one change and a few minor fixes. The most important change is the improved support for Falang fields.

All active DJ-ContentFilters plugin subscribers can download and use the latest version 1.6.1.

What's new?

The latest Joomla content filters plugin version brings the Falang fields translate support and two bug fixes.

If you are using Falang to translate your custom fields, you may have experienced issues with the translations working in the DJ-ContentFilters form. We have now improved that and the DJ-ContentFilters plugin displays content elements for Joomla fields correctly (with translations).

What is DJ-ContentFilters plugin?

It's a beneficial tool, combined with YOOtheme PRO, lets you easily create professional search filters.

This easy-to-use plugin allows you to choose the fields you need for your search, set the order in which they should be displayed, and mix it with good-looking styles.

It has been already introduced on our blog: Meet the DJ-ContentFilters Joomla plugin for YOOtheme Pro

DJ-ContentFilters is a Joomla plugin working with YOOTheme Pro, but we also have WordPress plugins integrated with YOOTheme


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