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[UPDATE] DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.2 with an option to display the logo in desktop layout
04 October 2021
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[UPDATE] DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.2 with an option to display the logo in desktop layout

26 November, 2021

DJ-MegaMenu has been updated to version 4.3.2. We've added the possibility to display the logo in desktop layout, and some improvements were also made.

Get DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.2 version Pro.

Logo display option

DJ-MegaMenu module users can now upload and display a logo image. Depending on your needs, it can be placed in different locations:

  • On the left

  • On the right

  • In the center

The new feature brings new settings in the MegaMenu module options tab. You can select and upload the logo image, set the logo alignment (Left/Center/Right), and choose where and when the logo should be visible (logo visibility option).

Learn more from the module options

How to add the logo to DJ-MegaMenu menu in Joomla 4

Other changes

Along with the new features, we've implemented some improvements.

Check the ver 4.3.2 changelog

REMINDER. Since version 4.3 DJ-MegaMenu is fully compatible with Joomla 4.

DJ-MegaMenu Demo page

Along with the DJ-MegaMenu compatibility with Joomla 4, we've launched the new DJ-MegaMenu demo site based on Joomla 4. 

Visit the DJ-MegaMenu demo site.

DJ-MegaMenu is available in two versions - premium and light.

The Light version does not have some premium features, but you can download it for free and also easily upgrade to the Mega Menu Pro version if you need it.


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