DJ-Tabs 1.3.6 ver introduces tag filtering

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DJ-Tabs 1.3.6 ver introduces tag filtering
09 January 2019
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DJ-Tabs 1.3.6 ver introduces tag filtering

26 November, 2021

We have added the tag filtering option. You can define tags in the backend, and they will limit the display of content to containing specific tags only. This also works with images from DJ-MediaTools component, which is integrated with DJ-Tabs. See how to insert DJ-MediaTools albums into tabs.

Learn how to use Joomla tags in DJ-Tabs

Did you know that Joomla 3 gives the possibility to add additional custom options to Joomla articles? See how to use custom fields.

The 1.3.6 version update brings also K2 ver.2.9.x support and two fixes. DJ-Tabs works with K2 Component since 1.3 version. 

If you don't know already, DJ-Tabs is a Joomla component and module purposed for displaying content in tabs or accordion layout. Users can display a single article, articles from category and modules as well.  

Want to know more?

The new version is available for download for all active subscribers and can be updated using Joomla updater or built-in updater directly from DJ-Tabs.

If you have any questions, or thoughts about this update, let us know in comments!

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