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7 Free extensions to improve any Joomla website
02 April 2021
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7 Free extensions to improve any Joomla website

26 November, 2021

Check those seven free Joomla extensions, that are small and easy to manage tools. Each of them can add something that you miss on your website. All of them are lightweight and do not require extensive settings to get them working.


This Joomla plugin makes the Joomla and 3rd party system notifications consistent and modern looking. You can configure how they should look and how long they should stay visible. Adjust it to your taste to deliver the best experience for your users and replace the boring inline notifications with modern pop-ups!


This plugin helps with SEO by providing images and pictures in the format that Google loves - WebP. Easily optimize your website images and serve them in Google's preferred format - WebP. When configuring you can point to the folders you want to be processed by the plugin, so it is easy to adjust the settings exactly as needed.

DJ-Embed Light

Free Joomla plugin that adds YouTube and Vimeo videos into articles with one click. All you need to do is enable the plugin. Then it's enough to paste the video url in the article and click Enter - and video is embedded (in a responsive manner) into the article! Easy as that.

DJ-Suggester Light

Provides an easy way to suggest the next content for readers. Once you enable and configure the plugin, users will get suggestions for their next read. Works with Joomla articles and you can configure what and when will be suggested. The box with another article suggestion will fly out when the user scrolls down when reading an article.


An easy way to display Facebook Pages in the Joomla module. You can decide what you want to display, you can choose what tabs to display (timeline, messages, events) and create a number of modules for one or more purposes.


An easy solution to force your current and new Joomla and Community Builder users to change their password on the first login and after a selected number of days.


This free Joomla extension can help with SEO on your website by providing the canonical link (in the web site's source code) that is read by the search engines and tells them which URL is the real source of the currently browsed page.
In other words - if your page is available from multiple URLs (addresses) - the canonical link will tell the search engine which one is preferred and which one should be indexed.

More free Joomla! extensions

On our website, you'll find also many other free Joomla extensions that are much more complex and will allow you to do much more.

Please refer to our Free Joomla! extensions listing page where you can browse more than those seven mentioned above.

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