DJ-Extensions with a new look! Refreshed design, new payment system, new products and new pricing plans

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DJ-Extensions with a new look! Refreshed design, new payment system, new products and new pricing plans
16 December 2021
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DJ-Extensions with a new look! Refreshed design, new payment system, new products and new pricing plans

16 December, 2021

To better meet your expectations, we have completely revamped the site’s design and improved the navigation. We took this opportunity, and the new refreshed design and better user experience are not the only change we made.

We focused on providing a brand unique experience with straightforward and valuable content.

What’s new?

Design Update

We are excited to announce the redesign of the DJ-Extensions website and introduce our new brand look. We’ve updated the overall layout of the website.  Aiming to modernize our design was a priority for us and providing easy navigation as we would like to get you to the information you’re looking for as fast as possible. We hope you enjoy the new look of the website!

dj extensions frontpage view

Paddle payment processing

We care about our customers, and we’re doing our best to give them a unique and suitable payment solution.

That’s why we decided to make a significant change. In payment processing, we switched to Paddle: a modern platform for accepting online payments. We decided on that change because of the tax laws and the tax issues obligating us to collect sales tax. It was a significant setback for our company as it required dealing with tax issues on worldwide sales.

We do not sell products directly to end-users anymore, and our sales are performed using the authorized reseller, Paddle - a merchant of record and deals with billing and invoicing. Most importantly for us, they are also responsible for determining the sales tax, accepting the money, and invoicing the order accordingly. Paddle collects the VAT number, billing address and applies the correct tax rate for business/private customers no matter what country they are in.

Learn more about Paddle payments

New Pricing Plans

Another change to the website is the new, improved pricing plans system. Taking care of customers' comfort and convenience, we have introduced changes that bring less complicated, clear pricing plans with three options for purchasing subscriptions:

  • Mini (6 months of downloads, updates, and support / 1 domain / No recurring payment)
  • Regular (12 months of downloads, updates, and support / 1 domain / No recurring payment)
  • Unlimited ( 1 year of downloads, updates, and support / Unlimited domains / All templates & extensions / No recurring payment)

Take a look at an example of pricing plans for the DJ-FlipBook plugin:

pricing plan for flipbook

As it used to be, each plan duration refers only to downloads of the extensions, their updates, updates via Joomla updater, and priority 1:1 support.

Once your subscription expires, there are no limitations in functionality!

New products

The new website also means new products. A few weeks ago, we had released three new plugins (for Joomla and WordPress), dedicated to YooTheme PageBuilder, which we have already had a chance to introduce initially in our blog post.

Since then, we've managed to update the DJ-Accessibility plugin, which now works on its own (not just with YOOTheme Pro).

We've also released another handy YOOtheme PRO plugin: DJ-ContentFilters

It allows you to choose the fields you need for your search, set the order in which they should be displayed, and mix it up with beautiful styles. It’s easy to use, fast to build and does not require any coding knowledge.

All these activities were, in fact, a foretaste and a test of how the new system would work. Everything worked perfectly, and now that we have changed the look and feel of the website, we can focus on releasing another new product.

Browse all products

Plans for future

So as you can see, it’s not the end. We will continue to expand our product and its features.
New products are just around the corner and will be released shortly. In addition, we are working on full Joomla 4 compatibility for DJ-Classifieds and several updates for our extensions. What’s important, we no longer focus solely on extensions for Joomla. Because we want to be more comprehensive and unify the links to our brands: PixelEmu and Joomla-Monster on our website, we will soon enable the purchase of new templates for Joomla and themes for WordPress.

We have big plans for the new year; 2022!

Same but Different

While we may have a new website design and layout, and more changes were implemented, we’re still the same DJ-Extensions company you’ve come to know and trust. We remain a Joomla extensions developer and provide solutions for all kinds of websites.

Explore the site to learn more about our tools for your Joomla or WordPress-powered website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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