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28 December, 2022
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The Year 2022 review and our plans for the upcoming 2023

28 December, 2022

Check out our 2023 plans and a summary of the past months. For each of us, the turn of the year is a time of summaries of the previous year and New Year's predictions, which is no different in our case.

Last year in recap

2022 was not easy for the world but also for us, but we released new templates/themes, extensions and updates for Joomla and WordPress products. Here is a quick summary of DJ-Extensions.

Let's check what we've released in 2022.

New products

DJ-FlipBook plugin

Discover this Joomla and WordPress plugin for YOOtheme Pro. Let your site visitors read the PDF files just as a book.

DJ-Popup plugin

DJ-Popup is the YOOtheme PRO Pop-up builder. Use it to build any popup/modal and put anything in the popup. The plugin works with Joomla and WordPress.

DJ-BuilderAnywhere plugin

This plugin is a YOOtheme PRO extension for Joomla and WordPress, that lets you use the builder module type anywhere on your site. Get the whole new possibilities in managing the content and edit in one place the sections that are repeating on different pages of the site.

DJ-AudioList plugin

DJ-AudioList is the plugin based on the YOOtheme Pro, that gives the possibility to create and display an audio files list. It works with Joomla and WordPress.

DJ-WCAG-Improvement plugin

DJ-WcagImprovement is a plugin that adds an aria-label for 12 yootheme elements (button, grid, icon, overlay-slider, pagination, panel, panel-slider, popover, slideshow, social, switcher, to top). It works with Joomla and WordPress.

DJ-Events integrator plugin

It's the Joomla 4 plugin integrating DJ-Events extension with the YOOTheme Page Builder.

It provides deep integration between these two well-known solutions and will allow you to have all of YOOtheme's Page Builder features at your disposal with just a few clicks.

DJ-Classifieds integrator plugin

It's the Joomla 4 plugin integrating DJ-Classifieds extension with the YOOTheme Page Builder.

It provides deep integration between these two well-known solutions and will allow you to have all of YOOtheme's Page Builder features at your disposal with just a few clicks.

DJ-Accessibility Light plugin

DJ-Accessibility is an accessibility plugin / a set of tools to help people with disabilities navigate the site. Use its' options to improve the accessibility of your website! You can display accessibility options in a pop-up on your page. It's a standalone Joomla / WordPress plugin but is also integrated with the YOOtheme Pro. There is also a commercial, version PRO available.

eCommerce quickstart websites for Joomla & WordPress

We offer modern eCommerce solutions for Joomla 4 & WordPress specifically crafted for online stores. They are suitable for any business selling their products online.

WCAG quickstart websites for Joomla & WordPress

WCAG quickstart websites are a perfect solution for a web pages compliant with accessibility guidelines.  They bring all the features you need to have a modern, accessible Joomla or WordPress website compliant with WCAG requirements.

Classified ads quickstart websites for Joomla

Our product range has just been extended with brand new classified ads quickstart websites for Joomla 4.x! Those are ready-made solutions for creating a modern, functional classifieds portal based on DJ-Classifieds and YOOtheme Pro.


In the previous year we also updated several extensions, plugins, themes and templates. There are too many to list them all. The most important updates were:


DJ-VMPageBreak free plugin has been updated for the Joomla 4 compatibility. It's a free Joomla extension, adding page break functionality to the Virtuemart component.


DJ-Classifieds  has been updated for the Joomla 4.x compatibility. It's the Joomla classified ads extension purposed for a classifieds portal.


DJ-Catalog2 has been updated for the Joomla 4.x compatibility. It's the Joomla eCommerce and catalogue extension purposed for an online directory or online store.

PixelEmu WordPress themes

All PixelEmu WordPress themes have been updated to WordPress 6.x compatibility. This applies to premium and free themes.

Other changes

For all subscription plans, we have enabled the use of the licence key on an unlimited number of domains. There is also a brand new affiliate programme giving users a chance to earn money.

Plans ahead 2023

Our plans for the next 12 months are enormous. We are currently working on a huge DJ-Classifieds extension update. It will also result in new Joomla templates based on YOOtheme Pro, purposed for classified ads websites. We would like to release some new WCAG quickstarts for Joomla and WordPress.

Important - Joomla 3. x support will officially end in August. Therefore, we are focused on supporting our Joomla 4. x compatible products and releasing new products for this version of the CMS Joomla.

New Year Sale

Happy New Year!

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As we have just finished the Christmas celebration, it is time to look at the upcoming New Year 2023. We hope you are satisfied with our work, and we will keep releasing and improving our products to satisfy you even more.

We tried to deliver numerous Joomla and WordPress products as in previous years. In the year 2023, we will continue to work hard, and we will do as much as we can to make you a happy customer :)

Thank you for being with us!