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13 January, 2022
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All subscription plans now allow you to use your license key on an unlimited number of domains!

13 January, 2022

We have recently made some significant changes with the launch of the new DJ-Extensions website. Another one we are pleased to announce is the possibility of creating and managing licenses for an unlimited number of domains.

This new feature works for all subscription plans, regardless of whether you purchased the Mini, Regular, or an Unlimited plan.

What's new?

The licenses for our extensions do not work anymore as they used to on the
DJ-Extensions website, where each subscription plan (except developer plan and unlimited bundle pack) allowed you to create only one license key for a given extension.

Now purchasing/having an active subscription for each plan allows you to create licenses for an unlimited number of domains. So whether you have a Mini, Regular or Unlimited plan, you get one main license key, which you can use (register) on an unlimited number of websites. 

As you can see, this is a significant change, but most importantly, it does not affect the prices of our extensions - they remain the same!

To sum up: the new feature works for all subscription plans, and none of them has changed their price.

How does it work?

In your user panel on the DJ-Extensions website under "My Licenses," you will find your main key: "Main ID," which works for all extensions from your subscription plan on an unlimited number of websites.

But that's not all. We now give users the possibility to manage additional license keys as well. Using the "Add" button, you can create an unlimited number of keys.

That can be useful if you are a developer and need unique keys for your customers (instead of giving them yours). In another case, it can be helpful
when you manage multiple pages and want to assign a particular key to a specific page (we also added the ability to enter label names to the key). This way, you can have complete control over your keys collection (for example, delete keys that are not used).

We have prepared a tutorial describing managing licenses from the user panel.