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New to DJ-Extensions?


The DJ-Classifieds component allows you to collect and display ads in unlimited categories and locations. It also allows charging users for adding their own ads with the possibility of establishing individual rates for each category and additional payment for promoted ads.

Let's take a look at the landing page of the DJ-Classifieds component.
Navigate to Extensions → DJ Classifieds, and you will see the control panel:

Side menu

The side menu gives quick access to the most important component features.

Middle section (icons)

In the middle of panel, there is a set of icons that gives quick access to the component features - some of them overlap with the features that are listed in the side panel, but not all.

There are some additional features, leading to specific actions such as: 
  • Add category
  • Add item
  • Add field
  • Add region
  • Add duration 
  • Add type
  • Add package
  • Documentation
  • Options

Right column

The panel on the right is more advanced. In principle, we can divide it into three elements: A section that informs about the installed version of DJ-Classifieds, a section that lists the latest versions for installed apps and modules, plugins, and a section regarding the registered license.

Information on the current version

This section is used to display information about the installed version of the extension. This way you can see if you have the current version and its number. Additionally, there is a link to the changelog.

Control panel updates notifications

In the next section, you'll find notifications about apps, plugins, and modules' latest versions. It's a useful solution to keep you updated

Licensing section

This section allows you to register your license key, use the button to renew your subscription or download a new license key.

Admin stats view in the control panel

There is an optional solution that allows you to replace the set of icons displayed in the middle with the DJ-Classifieds module displaying Admin Statistics.

See an example from the DJ-Classifieds demo page:

We have described the appearance and operation of the DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats module in an additional article:  DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats Module.