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How to configure "My Account" area for DJ-Classifieds in Joomla

In this article, we will show you how to create "My Account" area in DJ-Classifieds. This tutorial consists of 4 main steps.

Step 1: First we create a new menu.

In Joomla backend go to:
Menus -> Manage -> Add New Menu

In our example, the menu is called "Account Dashboard".

Step 2: Then, in this menu, we will create menu items for different views.

Let's start with the user's profile view. In the Joomla backend, go to:
Menus -> [menu name] -> Add New Menu Item

The key parameter is the type of menu item. To assign a user profile view you need to select "DJ-Classifieds -> User profile". Remember to add the new menu item to the appropriate menu, in our case it is "Account Dashboard".

In addition to the user profile, DJ-Classifieds allows you to display many other views that may be useful for users of your website:

We repeat this step for each of the above views that we would like to add to the menu.
For example, our list of menu items in "Account Dashboard" looks like this:

Step 3: We already have the menu, so it's time to display it on the website.

In the Joomla backend, go to:
Content -> Site Modules -> New -> Menu
Remember to select the appropriate menu and assign it to the appropriate subpages.
We assign our menu to all previously created menu items so that the menu is visible for each of them in the left column:

Step 4: In the last step, we will add the menu item "My Account" in an easily accessible place.

The point is that the user, after logging in, can easily access the user's account.
It's a good idea to put such a shortcut e.g. in the main or top menu.
In our example it will be the "Topbar" menu.
In the Joomla backend, go to:
Menus -> [menu name] -> Add New Menu Item
This time, we choose "Menu Item Alias" (you can find it in system links category) as the menu item type, which leads to the "My profile" menu item, previously created in the "Account Dashboard" menu. It is also worth setting "Access" to "Registered", thanks to which the item will be visible only to logged in users.
In this way, the user, after clicking on "My Account"(1), will be redirected to his profile, and the "Account Dashboard"(2) menu will be visible in the left column:

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