[UPDATE] DJ-Catalog2 ver. 5.0 Beta: Joomla 5 Native Compatibility

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30 March, 2024
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[UPDATE] DJ-Catalog2 ver. 5.0 Beta brings the Joomla 5 native compatibility

30 March, 2024

Joomla users, ready for the long-awaited update?
DJ-Catalog2 version 5.0 Beta now offers complete compatibility with Joomla 5. Experience upgraded features and effortless integration with the newest Joomla release. Dive deeper into the details of this release in our blog post. 

At the same time, (to make everything compatible), we have released an update to the DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin in version 1.8.3 beta, which is also compatible with Joomla 5. You can learn more from the blog post here.

Joomla 5 native compatibility

The most important news regarding the latest update (that so many DJ-Catalog2 users have been waiting for) is that it has the native compatibility with Joomla 5. This version also works with Joomla 4.x.

The beta release


Remember that this is a beta version, so it's essential first to make a backup of the site on which you're testing it. We do not recommend installing this version on production websites.

We have tested the release. However, we'd like to ask you to check this version first. If you find any issues, please let us know, and we will fix it in the stable version.

Maybe we should add something more to the stable release? Do you miss any features?

The stable version will be released within a few weeks as we gather feedback about the beta version.

Who can use the Beta version for Joomla 5?

All DJ-Catalog2 active subscribers can download the beta version from the download section.

What is DJ-Catalog2?

DJ-Catalog2 is a Joomla directory and eCommerce extension, allowing to build a modern directory or eCommerce website quick and easy. 

DJ-Catalog2 is simple to set up and provides responsive output without the need for advanced configuration.  The  component integrates with the site's template and design. It also has multilingual and RTL support.

What’s more, the site admin can easily manage an unlimited amount of:

  • directory categories and subcategories
  • directory products (also child products/product's variants!)
  • producers
  • images
  • videos
  • attachments
  • custom fields
  • locations
  • customers
  • queries

DJ-Catalog2 directory extension comes with many features needed for a successful directory website!

Main DJ-Catalog2 features are:  

  • making orders by registered or guest users,
  • possibility to create various payment and delivery methods,
  • basic stock control,
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery methods
  • product combinations,
  • and VAT handling,
  • compare products,
  • tiered pricing (unique feature)
  • Product types
  • Address book
  • Product weight and dimensions - including product combinations
  • Coupon generator
  • User/customer extra fields support
  • Custom order statuses
  • Invoice/proforma attached to emails
  • Simply setup the directory /catalog into your Joomla site!


You can get the DJ-Catalog2 in three different pricing plans:

  • 6 months subscription for €79
  • 1-year subscription for €111
  • Unlimited Plan for €197

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