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06 June, 2022
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Why switch to Joomla 4 and YOOtheme?

Version 4 of the Joomla! CMS has already established itself and gained recognition among users. And it deserves it.

Key features the new version brings

1. Improved, more ergonomic back end.

joomla 4 dashboard

2. An improved administrative support from the command line (CLI), e.g., clearing expired cache files:

cd ~/public_html/cli
php garbagecron.php

and the ability to create your own CLI applications.

3. Optimised code and removal of deprecated features

4. Bootstrap 5 integration 

5. Improved media manager with image editing features in the backend (cropping, resizing rotation)

Joomla 4 media manager

6. Easy personalization of messages/system mails. Until now, you had to struggle with editing language files. Now you can easily edit message templates using the HTML editor.

Joomla 4 email templates

7. Improved SEO

8. Increased page speed (built-in lazy load)

9. Support for the WCAG standard

Why YOOtheme?

Moving to a new Joomla version usually involves rewriting a template or replacing it with a Joomla 4 compatible template.

In many of our solutions, we have chosen to support Yootheme Pro, which is much more than a template system.

It is a complete web builder tool, enabling content creation using an ergonomic, intuitive, and extremely easy-to-use interface - the so-called builder.

Modifications of elements on the page are made with convenient tools enabling the creation of even quite complex graphic and text constructions.

We have at our disposal a total number of defined elements - formats with different properties and functional characteristics:

  • galleries
  • Embedding videos (also from your server)
  • Embed icons, photos, and graphics
  • Free use of the extensive photo library
  • extensive image library free of charge
  • Possibility to embed maps (e.g., route map in the contact)
  • Slide show and slider system
  • tabs, accordion
  • static and expandable lists
  • pop over windows
  • descriptive lists
  • buttons
  • Social links (with pre-defined icons)
  • quotes
  • dividing lines
  • headings
  • tables
  • tiles
  • panels

Additionally, a massive base of ready-made layouts or pre-configured elements (presets) makes managing the website much easier and faster.

However, the most significant advantage of the solution is its universality. YOOtheme works on Joomla 3, Joomla 4, and WordPress and will work on future versions of these systems. It means that we will not have to rewrite the template the next time we migrate.

What's more. The available elements cover the needs of most websites. Using hundreds of plug-ins is no longer necessary, so such a migration will be more straightforward and less expensive.

All website changes are visible simultaneously on the preview, which facilitates the best possible selection of elements, text length, etc.

For managing text elements, we have a WYSIWYG editor allowing easy and intuitive formatting of the content and placing additional elements: images, links, tables, videos

The final result of the builder is an article that can be assigned to a specific category, tagged, described with meta tags (title, description, keywords), and other parameters - author, publication date, issue date.

The YOOtheme system also allows you to generate your subpage schemes for quick use when creating new content on the website.

A very interesting and extremely useful feature is the ability to move entire pages (layouts) between different sites and systems.

We simply save the page layout to disk as JSON and load it on another installation. What is more, we can load such a layout also on another system and move specific subpages between Joomla and WordPress.

Yootheme comes with extensive documentation including video tutorials. So you can easily get familiar with all the features of the system.

DJ-Extensions and YOOtheme

We provide our own unique elements/plugins for YOOtheme among which you can find:

We also decided to prepare a set of quickstarts - configured, ready-to-use, and styled installations with different sets of elements and extensions.

In our resources, you will find quickstarts for online shops, websites for schools and public institutions (WCAG), and soon new quickstarts for classified ads websites.

Discover our templates / quickstarts for Joomla and YOOtheme