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23 May, 2024
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User flow with Joomla and DJ-classifieds. Case study based on DJ-Photographers demo site

23 May, 2024

In this case study, we explore a specific use case of the DJ-Classifieds component through the DJ-Photographers demo site. Unlike typical classifieds where users post items for sale, DJ-Photographers allows service providers, such as photographers, to present their profiles and portfolios. This necessitates a dedicated user flow to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

User Flow Design

The main concept is to enable photographers to showcase their portfolios on a single page. The portfolio page is a DJ-Classifieds single advert, that they add after registration. Since the component provides separate views for registration, add advert and profile editions it is essential to streamline these processes for both photographers and clients seeking photography services.

The graph below presents the planned user flow:

To achieve it we’ve proceeded with the following steps:

DJ-Classifieds registration plugin

Enable the DJ-Classifieds Registration plugin to start customizing the registration process.

DJ-Classifieds profiles’ extra fields

Create two profile field groups in DJ-Classifieds tailored to your use case.

Add extra profile fields that will be visible during the registration of both clients and photographers.

Make sure the fields are set to be visible in the registration.

DJ-Classifieds user registration menu items

The next step is to create two separate menu items for DJ-Classifieds user registration.

Assign each menu item to the appropriate profile field group.

Now we can set different redirects for each user type (photographers and clients) after registration. In our case we want photographers to add an advert and clients to see all adverts list view. Set the redirects in the menu item edition in the “Global settings” tab.

You can set separate menu items, buttons or links in text to registration for photographers and Clients separately. In our case, we have created a separate view for selecting the registration type and linked them to appropriate menu items.

Additional DJ-Classifieds redirects

We have completed the first step and now we want photographers to follow the next steps to complete their online presentation. After adding an advertisement and making the payment, we want them to be redirected to the profile editing page to ensure that all the necessary information has been entered. Additionally, after saving the profile, the photographer will be redirected to the subscription plans page where they will have the opportunity to purchase a plan for specific promotions to make their portfolio more successful. To achieve this, we have utilized the DJ-Classifieds redirects available in the component options.

As you can see there are more redirect options and depending on the needs you can add new redirects.

Language overrides

Use Joomla’s language overrides component to customize standard DJ-Classifieds views and element names to better fit the site’s subject. For example, in our case, it was changing “advert” to “portfolio” to make the site more intuitive for users.


The DJ-Classifieds component is a robust and flexible solution suitable for various types of websites where users need to add their advertisements, presentations, or offers. By following the steps outlined above, we have successfully created a user-friendly and intuitive flow for photographers and clients on the DJ-Photographers site. This implementation demonstrates the versatility of DJ-Classifieds in catering to specific user needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

By customizing registration processes, profile fields, menu items, and redirects, we have tailored the component to meet the unique requirements of a photography service portal, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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