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DJ-Classifieds update - ver. 3.4.3
15 March 2016
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DJ-Classifieds update - ver. 3.4.3

26 November, 2021

DJ-Classifieds was just updated to version 3.4.3. This version brings minor fixes of problems found by users in version 3.4.2 and some new features.
The most important new features are: option to rotate pictures when submitting or editing advert and API .

What's new?

Image Rotator

Sometimes mobile phones, when uploading the pictures, tend to rotate them and display not the way they should be. With this new feature it's now possible to rotate them to be in proper orientation. This new feature allows users to rotate images when submitting new ad as well as in advert edition.

Learn more about Image Rotation feature in DJ-Classifieds

Items module improved

We've added new parameter to Items Module. Now the module can "follow" the author. This way on advert details page this module can display only items/adverts published by advertiser who posted the item.

Button to edit profile

Each user when logged in can now edit their own profile right from the profile's view. It's a minor improvement for better usability.


"Buy now" transactions visible for Administrator

If you're using "Buy now" functionality on your website you can now see all the transactions that were made with this functionality even if users did not use the Direct Payments functionality.

The scenario may look like this:

  1. User clicks "Buy now" on advert page
  2. Advert author and buyer gets emails that the purchase was made.
  3. Administrator can see the transaction in Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Payments

Suscription Plans - overwriting global adverts limit

Now the adverts limit set in Plan's settings overwrites the global advert limit setting. This way no matter what the global limit is users with the active plan will always get the limit that's set in the Plan's settings. This is useful when you want to set free adverts limit for regular users and allow for more in particular plan.

All user tags available in email template sent after adding new advert

You can now use all user tags in new advert notification templates:

  • New advert - User notification
  • New advert - Guest notification
  • New advert - Administrator notification

Email templates can be edited in Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Email templates. Available tags:

  • [[user_id]] - User ID
  • [[user_name]] - Name
  • [[user_username]] - Username
  • [[user_email]] - Email

Menu/Categories module updated

With this new feature you can choose how the Menu / Categories module should behave. The new option is that it can now display only subcategories of the active subscription you're in. this way the module will display categories limited to subcategories of current category you're in.

You need to select "Subcategories for active subcategory" in "Show only current level" setting.

Google Maps API Keys

We've added option to add Google Maps API Key in case your're on shared IP and you're facing the issue with the limits

Google Maps has query limits per IP:

  • 2,500 free requests per day
  • 10 requests per second

Read more about Google Maps API Keys in DJ-Classifieds

Things to know

We've also fixed some problems found. You can check the whole change log for this version if you want to track what exactly was changed.