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19 August, 2022
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Most popular classified ads portals in Germany

19 August, 2022

Classified ad portals are generally handy. You can offer your old car, electrical appliances, furniture, or anything you want to sell.

But classified portals can also be beneficial for online business owners. You can draw attention to your offers, collect leads for your email list and generate sales.

Classified ads can now be used to boost your budget - we will show you 8 classified portals from Germany with a massive number of monthly users.

They are all good, but what makes the difference? All the mentioned portals have one essential thing in common. They are free for advertisers and buyers. In addition, most offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase premium packages and thus be listed in first place in a top category(for example.)

Germany is home to over 80 million people and is one of the most significant global powers. It is estimated that almost 90% of the population uses the internet, which is why online trading and buying and selling online products are common among Germans.

There are numerous online trading portals, especially when it comes to free classified ads.

The 8 best sites with free classifieds in Germany


Germany's most extensive vehicle market is where you can easily buy or sell a car. You can find new cars, used cars, young timers, oldtimers, small cars and compacts, SUVs, luxury limousines, and cheap cars. You can sell your used car and contact the new car and used car sellers. You can find out more about motorcar makes and models, find out about car financing, compare financing offers and monthly installments, or find leasing offers. You can also find tips, tests, guides, and much more.


Locanto is not widely used in Germany, but the company has portals commonly used in other countries. The interface is the same in all of them, and they may be more successful in the future. Browsing between ads is a little more complicated than the others, but publishing is quick and easy.


FinanceScout24 is a German comparison portal for various financial services. Founded as a search engine for finding a quick and cheap loan, it has constantly evolved due to the growing demand for other services.

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

eBay is an American multinational corporation based in California that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. Germany and some other countries separate their e-commerce portal ebay.de and its classifieds portal eBay-kleinanzeigen.de. The latter is one of the most used in Germany and is one of the 10 most visited sites in the country. It has a simple user interface allows you to post ads for free.
For both buyers and sellers, this platform is a good thing. Unlike eBay, the classifieds are free of charge, and every euro goes into your pocket in the event of a successful sale.


It's one of the 3,000 most visited sites in Germany. It lets you quickly advertise cars, real estate, services, or used items. Dhd24 belongs to the Deine Tierwelt group and is exclusively for classified ads for animals and pets.
The start page is free of advertisements. In the search results, the advertisements are recognizable and only present in small numbers.


It's another popular advertising site in Germany and one of the 250 most visited sites in the country. The design and user interface are classic and make it easy to insert ads. They also have categories of flights and hotels, as well as erotic ads.


Quoka is another famous site for free ads similar to Markt.de. It is one of the 300 most visited sites in Germany. Besides ads for cars, real estate, and secondhand, they also allow personnel. The user interface and filter system are straightforward and classic in online classifieds.

With over 6 million classified ads, sellers and buyers find each other in the large German classifieds portal. Buying and selling on quoka.de are free for the buyer and seller.

The categories on Quoka.de are very diverse. You are sure to find the right type, from cars & motorbikes, real estate, pet market, and electronics to eroticism, hobbies, jobs, and even partnerships & contacts.


Kalaydo is a sizeable regional ad network that was already launched in 2006 and is a partner of various advertising journals and daily newspapers in some federal states.

Classifieds, a job exchange, real estate, and cars - are the 4 primary categories on kalaydo.de.
Kalaydo has been on the market for many years and is still an option to post a free ad. They also allow ads for adults.

Final Thoughts

In all mentioned portals, you can select different categories and display your products in a suitable way so potential buyers can find them more quickly and easily.

Nowadays, every seller can make a little extra money by offering for sale things that are no longer needed. And buyers can also find a real bargain in an online classifieds market.

Portals like eBay Kleinanzeigen, markt.de, and quoka.de have enormous reach and are the No. 1 sellers.

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