[SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 and new Demo Page 2021

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[SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 and new Demo Page 2021
26 November 2021
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[SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 and new Demo Page 2021

26 November, 2021

Test and give feedback on our latest Demo Page for DJ-Classifieds built as a working classified ads portal. We will constantly update it to reflect our users' requests so if you have any suggestions what you'd like to see there - let us know!

You can sign up to the demo classified ads portal with your email address or use a social account to sign in and start adding your adverts.

Please note that the demo works on DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 that will be released soon.

About the new DJ-Classifieds Demo page

The new demo we build utilizes DJ-Classifieds core component (modules and plugins) and some of the DJ-Classifieds Apps (Ajax, Coupons, Search Alerts, Subscription Plans), DJ-MediaTools integration to display images in adverts. We also use it to show random adverts on the front page and related adverts on advert pages. For seller ratings, we have used the DJ-Reviews component that integrates with DJ-Classifieds.

The demo is a ready solution that we will soon convert to the Quickstart that we will release, ready to install and adjust to your needs.

Modified Joomla template for classified ads portal for new demo and upcoming quickstart package

The modified template the new demo uses comes with adjusted mobile views with new bottom bars for more straightforward navigation.

Mobile page advert details

The bottom bar displays the buttons to contact the advertiser, search and direct link to the Account details.

Mobile page adverts listing

The bottom bar on listing pages allows for quick navigation to search, submit ads form, favorites lits, and link to the user's account.

The frontpage

Essential parts on the front page contain:

  • the search with autocomplete feature turned on,
  • list of the categories,
  • promoted offers area that lists the promoted adverts (with DJ-MediaTools Horizontal Swipe layout used),
  • tabs with Latest, Popular, and Random adverts,
  • the map (we used Google Maps, but it could also be OpenStreetMaps),
  • Links to the adverts by location

See the demo

Listing page

We set the Adverts listing page to display the adverts with the smart table layout (it's also possible to use the Blog layout).

On the left sidebar, you'll find the search and filter module for easy filtering. We used the "Ajax App" there for instant results. Choose a category in the module (or use any other available fields), and the system will instantly filter the adverts.

See the listing page

Advert details page

The detailed advert page displays all the needed information for a successful advert.

  • the gallery of the images uses DJ-Mediatools
  • custom fields visible in a readable manner
  • the exact location of the item on the map
  • Similar ads, filtered by the category, are listed below,
  • on the right sidebar, users will find the essential information about the advert submitter and his rating, with the option to contact the advertiser and visit his profile to see more details
  • there's also a statistics module the displays the recent visits to this advert (the module is customizable)

See the advert's page

Profile details

Each advertiser has his profile page with the details. As any part of DJ-Classifieds, you can deeply customize the fields displayed here and what should be filled by the advertiser.

This page contains:

  • profile name
  • a description where users can write about themselves
  • custom fields (in case of this demo, there are contact details and a logo of the company) (unfilled fields are not displayed, so it's up to the user to fill them or not. The administrator can set the fields as required if he wants to force users to fill specific fields)
  • location of the advertiser with the map
  • ratings of the advertiser (with use of DJ-Reviews rating and reviews Joomla extension)

See the profile's details

Profiles listing

It is also possible to list all the profiles of users. For this purpose, there's a "Profiles" page with listed profiles and the search in the left sidebar.

See the profile's listing

Backend statistics module

In the backend area of DJ-Classifieds, we used the Admin statistics module to display the current stats of the adverts.

What's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2?

DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 will come with many adjustments and new features.

Improved performance

One of the most significant changes is better performance. We were working hard on optimizing the component and modules, and now we have confirmed that DJ-Classifieds is capable of running 500.000-800.000 adverts. That's a massive jump in performance that also makes loading listings and adverts much faster than ever.

Backend and code changes

Other changes under the hood make as closer to Joomla 4 version. You'll notice that in several back-end views, we reorganized the fields to be ready for the new Joomla version.

More details in the control panel

The back-end panel will notify you about all the plugins and modules' latest versions to keep you updated and never miss the updated part of the extension.

Master e-mail template

We have added the Master email template for email notifications. This way, you can beautify all email notifications and keep consistency between them for better brand awareness. It's now enough to update only one template, and the email notifications contents will nicely fit in.

Additionally, we have added many more minor features and fixes you'll find a great addition.

Classified ads script templates

DJ-Classifieds is capable of many different configurations, and you can use it for different types of classifieds portals, such as real estate, cars, job listings, dating, news.

Browse Joomla classified ads templates

Payment methods for promotions and other paid features of DJ-Classifieds

With DJ-Classifieds, you can build a free listing to submit new items, or you can charge for each new item. The monetization options let you even charge for extra images, the number of characters used in the description, and of course, for the promotions.

With the included "Items" module, you can, for example, display only the promoted adverts in

  • There are 28 payment methods available that cover almost the whole world. No matter where you are from, most likely, you'll find the payment plugin that works in your country. Check the map of the availability of payment plugins.
  • All payment plugins come free with any DJ-Classifieds plan.

More information about Joomla classified ads extension

We can build, customize any classified ads website for you. Our services also cover custom programming of the features for your project. If you have questions about development services - contact us with details.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming version of DJ-Classifieds or want to discuss something included in this article, feel free to comment below or contact us with your questions.

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