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Build a classified ads website quickly
01 May, 2024
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Buy one of the best classifieds software for Joomla! Build a classified ads website quickly with our solution.

Build a classified ads website with classifieds builder quickly

01 May, 2024

One of the ways to generate passive income online is to build a classified ads website.

With such site, you can get a lot of traffic and earn more money building your visibility on the internet. Creating such a website is quite an easy task if you're starting your journey with building classified ads website.

As you probably already know DJ-Classifieds is a Joomla classifieds software that allows building comprehensive classifieds sites in an efficient and effective way. With our classifieds software you can easily build your own classified ads website, business directory or any listings website. Even better is our classifieds builder for YOOtheme PRO - DJ-Classifieds Integrator. With this Classifieds solution for YOOtheme PRO you can:

  • Transform your classified listings eith unique layout features
  • Optimize your classifieds platform with templates
  • Optimize your ads list view with classifieds grid
  • Enhance your creativity with page builder elements
  • And many more!

If you want to create an ad portal without any effort, it is worth using our classifieds builder and ready-to-use Joomla template. Our ready-made classifieds Joomla templates are custom designed for the classified website, they come with a unique styling and include demo copy - quickstart package so they are ready to an immediate installation.

Such installation gives you a great starting point because you get a new fully functional site and a great environment to work. All you need to do is replace example of content with your data. With Joomla templates, it goes fast and easy to set up a professional website.

Learn more about possibilities of DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Classifieds Integrator for YOOtheme PRO working together with awesome Joomla templates:

DJ-Classifieds Ads - Joomla classifieds ads templete

DJ-Classifieds Ads is designed for Joomla websites presenting classified ads from many industries. It's perfect for small businesses that want to increase their income by providing the ability to add ads online. 

dj-classifieds ads joomla template

Price - $65 (mini plan) 

* With our Unlimited Plan you you gain access to all our Joomla templates and all other products for only $197.

DJ-Wedding - Joomla wedding template

DJ-Wedding was created for those who want to build a classifieds portal that showcases ads related to weddings category. With DJ-Wedding, you can create an online platform that effectively promotes wedding-related ads, making it an excellent option for those seeking to expand their online business offers.

dj-wedding classified ads website

Price - $65 (mini plan) 

* With our Unlimited Plan you you gain access to all our Joomla templates and all other products for only $197.

DJ-Realestate - Joomla template for real estates

DJ-Realestate was designed for real estate business. It's perfect for small and big businesses that want to increase their income by providing the ability to add ads online.

dj-realestate classified ads website

Price - $65 (mini plan) 

* With our Unlimited Plan you you gain access to all our Joomla templates and all other products for only $197.

Now let’s focus on some general facts concerning each Joomla template

Classified ads templates are based on powerful Joomla framework and classifieds builder for YOOtheme PRO.

dj-classifieds joomla admin panel

A powerful framework for Joomla 5 and 4 comes with many helpful features that allow customizing template's design and layout to your needs!

Theme Customizer

You are able to customize the template’ design in an easy way. Modify the colors or fonts settings without touching the code.

classifieds builder theme customizer

Classifieds builder layout

Our classifieds builder for YOOtheme PRO gives the possibility to customize the layout of your template. It’s possible thanks to a user-friendly interface.

classifieds builder layouts

Google fonts

You have the possibility to use any Google fonts with this template for Joomla. Fonts are configurable at the YOOTheme PRO builder in style.

yootheme google fonts

Responsiveness in classifieds builder

Our classifieds Joomla templates are fully responsive for all devices! This means that your users can access your website from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, without compromising on the user experience.

Easy installation

As we mentioned earlier you do not have to configure everything from scratch. Installing our ready-to-use classifieds Joomla template and replacing it with your content will save your time! The installation is easy and will take a few minutes only. It means Joomla quickstart includes:

  • all Joomla files
  • all extensions ours that are used on a demo site (excluding Yootheme PRO, which you must purchase separately)
  • sample data (includes configuration, extensions, content etc.)
  • an installed and configured template styles

Seo optimized and clean code

Maximize the visibility of your ads by leveraging the comprehensive SEO options offered by DJ-Classifieds. With the ability to build your own link structure, manipulate links, choose ID separators and positions, customize element names, and control how search engine bots interact with your pages, you have the power to ensure that your listings stand out and attract more visitors.

Well documented

You can use our knowledge base, which includes both information and instructions for our classifieds builder and for any classifieds joomla template.


As you can see thanks to the combination of DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Classifieds Integrator and Joomla templates you can give your site a really professional look and functional character!

We hope that our article about the rich selection of features of classified templates was valuable and interesting and you are now fully convinced that the using them is the right choice on the way to build own classified ads portal. All themes listed above are ready to help you make a start with your advertising portal - about real estate, jobs, dates or whatever classified ads website you need.

We will create a website tailored to your needs

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