Wednesday, 23 December 2015 14:50
Modified: Sunday, 13 March 2016 14:07

DJ-Classifieds Beta version released


Beta version of DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2 has just been released and we encourage all users to give it a try and report us any bugs you find.

In this version, as usual, we bring new features and fix bugs reported by our users. There are 48 changes so far in this version. You'll find the download and changelog links in the bottom of this article.

Below you can find short article explaining some of the most important features.

Please note: This is the beta version and it's not meant for production sites. Best way to test it is either create a copy of your site in different url and update DJ-Classifieds with this beta version or testing it on clean Joomla install.

  • Direct PayPal payments

    Direct payments in DJ-Classifieds allow users to pay for goods directly using PayPal.

  • Payable Types

    Now you can charge your users for Types. Each type you create can have the price in currency or points and person who post an ad can additionally pay for this type.

  • Selection of sorting fields in Smart Table view

    You can now choose what sorting options you want to introduce to the users in Smart Table view.

  • Private message from administrator to advertiser

    Administrator is now able to send direct private message (email) to advert author right from the advert edition view in backend.

    There are other new features, fixes and updates of some features. Please refer to the changelog of this version to see what was changed.

    Please note that this is the short introduction to new features and we'll be updating the corresponding tutorials and creating new articles explaining features. If you have any questions regarding this version - leave a comment or let us know directly via help desk.

All active subscribers can download this Beta version from this link (if you're Subscription Plans App subscriber you'll also find there new version of this App)