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Introducing DJ-Classifieds with Verified Seller badge!
22 January 2018
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Introducing DJ-Classifieds with Verified Seller badge!

26 November, 2021

The new version of DJ-Classifieds 3.7.1 is here!

This is a major update that brings over 30 new features and fixes including Verified Seller badge.

In this blog post, we will cover most important changes you should check.

In this blog post:


1. Verified Seller

The advertiser can be marked as a Verified Seller showing other users that it is more trusted than other users. With this feature, buyers see that these advertiser details are confirmed.

The green verified badge lets people know that this seller was verified by the Administrator. Each Administrator can have internal rules for applying the badge to the users.

The Verified Seller feature will work great with the sending private documents to the website Administrator feature that is present in DJ-Classifieds for some time.

Take a look how the badge looks like:

More details how to configure this feature you can find in the tutorial: 

How to mark advertiser as a Verified Seller


2. Adverts enhancements 

There are some changes applied, that give better settings for ads views.

2.1 Ads submission form 

2.1.1 Support for video portal.

DJ-Classifieds supported videos from Vimeo and YouTube services and now we have added also the support for videos.

Just like previously you just need to enter an URL to your video from and this video will be displayed in advert details.

2.1.2 Support for video portal.

DJ-Classifieds supported video from Vimeo and YouTube websites now we added also support for videos.

Just like previously just enter a link to your video from the and this video will be displayed in advert details.

2.1.3 Possibility to restrict durations for categories.

Now in Durations, you can select categories in which the duration will be available.

During advert submission, the durations list is automatically restricted to those durations selected in basing on those settings

This allows restricting fast offers from those published for the long term.

2.2 Adverts list

2.2.1 Adding to favorites on adverts list.

Users can now add adverts to the favorites list also on adverts table and blog views.

Adding/deleting from favorites is based on AJAX requests so there is no page refresh.

The same mechanism works also on the list of favorited adverts

Learn more about the feature here:

"add to favorites" / wishlist functionality


2.2.2 Profile information on blog view

We have added the new parameter that lets you display avatar and Advertiser name on adverts blog list.

The username and avatar elements are linked to Advertiser profile.

You will find the new parameter "Show Profile" in "Blog view" section of global DJ-Classifieds options.

3. Administrator side enhancements 

3.1 Disabling notifications about adverts renewing

We have added a new parameter "Renew ad notification" which allows the administrator to block email notifications about renewing adverts. With this parameter enabled, the administrator can block all notifications, leaving only those about new adverts creation.


3.2 Autoselect of last used region parent

During the creation of regions list lastly used parent region is stored in the system memory, so when using the option "Save & New" parent region is auto-selected. This allows faster regions adding.

3.3 Notifications about new points

When Administrator via administrator panel adds new points for the Advertiser, then the system automatically sends a notification to this user.

Previously that kind of notification was sent only when there was a payment confirmation, now it sends also while manually assigning points.

4. Purchase process

4.1 "Terms & Conditions" on checkout page

During purchase confirmation, User is now, forced to accept "Terms & Conditions" before he will process payment.

This feature was added due to legal requirements in some countries.

5. Registration & Profile

5.1 Avatar on registration page

On the registration page, we added the possibility to upload the avatar, so the user can create a complete profile during the registration process.

Source of the avatar can be set in Global DJ-Classifieds Configuration->Views ->Avatar source parameter, where you can use profile picture from EasySocial, JoomSocial or Community Builder.

If avatar source is selected other than DJ-Classifieds then this field is not visible during the registration process.

The avatar image is displayed in the Advertiser's profile, advert details page and can be displayed in blog view.

5.2 Password and Email change link

In the user's Profile edition page, we added a link to Joomla! password and email modification so users can do this without any other menu elements (earlier, the administrator had to create another item in user's menu for those elements).

6. Smaller features and fixes that are worth mentioning

  • In the DJ-Classifieds Items module, you can now select the new source - "Adverts from author of currently displayed adverts" so other adverts from the  Advertiser will be displayed on the advert page,
  • During the search for words, the system searches also in the contact field beside the name, description, category, and region.

7. DJ-Classifieds / images in Search Alerts email notifications.

As usual, after a short period of the life of DJ-Classifieds, we release the updated version that brings fixes for issues found by users during first tests. This release is no different :) 

The updated version of DJ-Classifieds brings fixes and one new feature we have decided to add.

The newly added feature is enhancing the [[search_adverts]] email tag. This DJ-Classifieds e-mail tag is used in Search Alerts App e-mail notification.

The updated behavior is adding also the image to the name of the advert.

Before version

In version

Learn more about Search Alerts App!

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