How to promote classified ads website

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How to promote classified ads website
15 May 2019
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How to promote classified ads website

26 November, 2021

Classified ads websites are probably one of the most popular types of sites around the world. Millions of people around the world shop online through online classifieds. Various products can be found and purchased through online classifieds.

Launching a classified ads website is not a complicated task. Problems start when we do not achieve the intended effects. Why is this happening? There can be many reasons.

In this article, you will find several elements that can significantly contribute to better results. The content is divided into two parts.

In the first one, we describe aspects that relate to the content of the website itself. The second part deals with activities when the website is online and well prepared for further actions.

We share some practical and efficient knowledge on how to increase your chances for profit.

Activities related to the website’s structure


The right category structure of the classified ads site is a crucial issue. Ensure that your ads categories have a clear and user-friendly layout. Create categories in a clear and logical way so that people can publish items in the appropriate section, and the search engine could also index the site correctly.

If your users don't find what they are looking for, they will leave the website.

The right construction of the appropriate structure takes time. Even if you are starting, it is worth taking the time to consider how you can create a clear and expandable category structure.

It is recommended starting from a smaller number of categories and gradually increasing resources. It is also essential to start from the basic categories and work on completing them.

If you have too many categories on the site and many of them are empty or almost empty, consider excluding anything that you consider irrelevant.

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Locations are an essential aspect of a well-functioning classified ads site. If you are focused on a specific market, such as real estate in London, it is worth your website to use the latest solutions in the field of maps such as Google maps or OpenStreetMap maps. Focus on the preparation of the appropriate location structure. Start with one region/district or city. Little steps expand the available locations for your ads.

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Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated SEO) is the process of getting high rankings in search engines like Google. Everyone wants to be as high as possible in the search engine results for specific phrases. It's the best tactic for getting a website promotion in the context of long-term effects.

The aspect of building a website is a complex issue. Already during the creation of the site and implementation, the content should be kept in mind. The most crucial aspect is the content containing the selected keywords. It's handy to run a blog. Another thing is the proper link building or proper image naming. It's just worth learning SEO.

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It does not matter whether you create completely new content or edit the existing one, you need to optimize it for ranking on Google. This includes many studies, work on copywriting and many other factors.

You need to be sure that you use properly researched content (keywords and phrases) that is not duplicated, the structure of your URL is user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Keyword database

Make a smart analysis of the keyword database for your website. Check which keywords are most often used by competitors. People search for phrases such as "used mobile phones" or "used cars."


Two aspects can significantly improve website traffic:

  • Free access - offers access to various actions on the website completely free. Allow adding specific ads free of charge.
  • Simplicity - design a website so that it is clear and easy to use. It's the best you can offer your visitors. They should find access to specific content quickly and in an intuitive way

Building your website is just the beginning. All the effort put into setting it up will go to waste if nobody sees it.

Online activities

Social Media

Promoting a website on social media is extremely important, and it is practically a necessity nowadays. What does it give? First of all, increases the traffic on the website and allows you to attract users quickly. Social networks are a valuable source of free traffic.

Your social media accounts are like a reflection of your website. What does it mean? If you run a classified ads website, you can also display the same ads on your Facebook page, that is, publish them along with pictures, links.

Social media channels allow you to create your account, a page where you can manage your content. It is useful because you can attract people who are interested in your website and keep them informed of what is happening to you, offer them various offers, discounts or coupons. Doing it well, wisely, directing information to the appropriate range of people, at well-chosen times you have a chance for great results.

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If you have a limited budget, you should consider advertising the site using the cheapest possible ways.

You can interact with other classifieds sites, social media or Google AdWords. We recommend these channels for a start.

Advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give great results. There are various discounts available for beginners, thanks to which a relatively large number of clients can be obtained with a low financial outlay.

Interaction with the Public

Interactions are also a crucial aspect of the business. For example, you can send your customer a query and ask "are you satisfied with the product delivered?" or "Are you satisfied with our website?" and encourage re-visits with messages such as "visit our site frequently and if problems or questions contact us." Such actions bring an excellent result.

Any interaction on the line of the administrator/site owner and the user is welcome and evokes a good impression in the clients' minds. It is also a good website advertisement that will be treated as user-friendly.

Another good way of keeping in touch with your customer base when developing the classified ads website is allowing users to connect with the seller and have them come back to the website to read the messages or let them save the search to be informed about new classifieds with specific configuration (from the chosen category or custom parameters set by users).

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Other ways to get more customers

There are many more ways to generate more traffic to your site and gain customers. What is worth remembering?

Nothing attracts visitors like the opportunity to get something for free, win something or buy at a promotional price. So do not forget about free giveaways, discounts, advertisement of the most popular and most valued items. It is essential to send a newsletter to subscribers and keep them informed about what is happening at your website.

Below are a few other ways to attract customers to the classified ads website:

  • YouTube (and similar video sites): Get traffic from YouTube and similar websites by posting your video and commenting on other videos.
  • Blog comments: Search for the favorite, active blogs about your business
  • Posting Forum: Join the forum and regularly publish interesting content to let people know you.
  • Guest blogging: find exciting websites where you can place your content


Of course, there are tons of ways to create and promote a classified ads website besides the tips listed above. Which strategy turns out to be the most effective one cannot be predicted in advance. Much depends on the status of the competition, the given market situation and many other factors.

However, there is a particular basis; some of the most important principles that are worth keeping. Many of them are one-off but long-term ones. You can achieve a lot with even a small budget and little traffic on the site.

If you’re looking to build a classifieds website check:

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